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Create minimalist interactive maps for your WordPress website, including maps of the world, continents, countries and specific regions like US county maps.

The plugin allows you to load hundreds of different maps available in the amcharts library. Maps for all countries in the world available, including United States of America, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Brazil, India, Japan and many others.

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Maps Marker Pro is the most comprehensive & user-friendly mapping mapping solution for WordPress which allows you to easily share your favorite spots and tracks without the need for any coding.

Maps Marker Pro allows you to display locations and directions on a map. You can assign locations with over 1000 free, customizable marker icons and apply popup descriptions and images. Maps Marker Pro works with Bing, Google Maps, or MapQuest Geocoding, or you can use keyless geocoding with Algolia Places and Photon@Mapsmarker.

You can filter your markers or dynamically sort markers by date, name, and distance. Share your location to see your movements on a map in real-time.

Maps Marker Pro can be tested directly on (including backend access). Alternatively, a free 30-days trial allows users to test the plugin directly on their server.

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Simply put, MapifyPro is the perfect WordPress store locator to help your customers find your products. Dozens of features, unlimited locations and maps, no coding necessary.

Complete Control Over Your Maps
You’ll get the most powerful mapping features available for WordPress. Style your map, add a video & photo gallery to each location, and add unlimited locations to each map.

Use ANY Image for Your Maps (.png and .jpg)
Upload any image and transforms it into an interactive map. Perfect for events, park trails, and gamers who want to add videos directly to in-game maps!

Boost SEO & Share on Social Media
Every location, and its details, can be shared via social media. Also, watch SEO soar since every location is crawled by Google and other search engines!

Store Locator, Product Locator, and More
Help your customers find your products with the perfect store locator, showcase a conference, or capture travels exactly where they occurred.


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