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Inserting any code: Html, Css, JavaScript, PHP on the front-end of the site. You can paste the code for different parts of the site pages, here is a list of places for this. The plugin also has conditional logic, it will allow you to set up very flexible conditions for displaying your code, a list of conditional logic capabilities.


Posts, Pages, Custom post types:
Insert Before Post
Insert Before Content
Insert before paragraph
Insert after paragraph
Insert After Content
Insert After Post

Categories, Archives, Tags, Taxonomies:
Insert Before Excerpt
Insert After Excerpt
Between Posts
Before post
After post

Registration Date
Cookie Name

Current Page
Current referrer
Post type
Taxonomy page
Taxonomy of the page

Technology (PRO)
Use cookie
Use javascript
Operating system
Device type

Auditory (PRO)
User country
Viewing depth
Attendance by time of day
Total number of visit

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Insert PHP Code Snippet is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to create shortcodes corresponding to PHP code snippets. You can create a shortcode corresponding to any random PHP code such as ad code, login validation etc. and use the same in your posts, pages or widgets.

The shortcodes generated using the plugin are easily available as a dropdown in the standard wordpress content editor as well as widget settings, thereby giving you ease of integrating your PHP code in your posts and pages.

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This plugin enables PHP code everywhere in your WordPress instalation. The plugin also supports different user restrictions and multiple PHP instances.

  • Create custom contact forms and process any kind of data or upload.
  • Generate user optimized content.
  • Customize every little detail of your WordPress installation.


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