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Everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. wpForo Forums is the best WordPress forum plugin. Full-fledged yet easy and light forum solution for your WordPress website. Comes with modern and responsive forum layouts and styles. This WordPress forum plugin brings everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. Powerful and beautiful forum with unique features.

  • Designed For All
  • Seo Friendly
  • Member Profile System
  • Extendable
  • Easy Forum Moderation

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Discussion Board is an easy way to add a discussion board, message board or simple forum to your WordPress site. The plugin creates a new post type, allows you to add a front-end log-in and registration form and decide who has access to your Discussion Board. We offer a free version and Pro version of the plugin.

  • Easy to Use
  • Boards
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Works With Any Theme
  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Spam Unfriendly


Discussion Board Pro allows you to create sub-forums within your site. Your users can choose which board to allocate their topics to, allowing you to keep your forum nicely organized and helping your users find the topics they’re most interested in.

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bbPress is forum software from the creators of WordPress. Quickly setup a place for asyncronous discussion, subscriptions, and more! From there (just like WordPress) you’re free to keep it running it the way it is, add BuddyPress for extended profiles, group forums, notifications, and activity logging, or customize it to your heart’s content with any number of dedicated bbPress plugins or themes.

bbPress works nicely with single sites, multiple sites, and multiple networks of sites. A commitment to backwards compatibility means bbPress will stay functional and safe between updates, upgrades, and new versions.


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