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Customize any WordPress site in minutes. Edit fonts, colors, sizes and more. Discover the best-selling design plugin! YellowPencil works seamlessly with almost any WordPress theme and plugin, so you can continue to use your favorite tools and take your work to the next level. The plugin doesn’t modify any theme file, instead of it loads the generated CSS codes to the website in a dynamic way.

  • Font Management
  • Color Management
  • Adjust Measures
  • Style Login Page
  • Visual Drag & Drop
  • And Much More …

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SiteOrigin CSS is powerful CSS editor that allows you to change your WordPress site’s design in real-time. Beginners will love the simple visual controls. Advanced users will love its power features like code completion and real-time feedback. No matter your current skill level, SiteOrigin CSS will turn you into a site editing pro in minimal time.

When you’re just getting started, visual controls are a game changer. They allow you to change the look and feel of your site using simple controls. You can see your changes as you make them, allowing you to make finely tuned adjustments. Perfect for keeping your inner perfectionist happy.

SiteOrigin CSS speaks CSS, the common language of design on the web. It will work perfectly with your theme, no matter where you got it from. This freedom opens up customizability to a whole world of WordPress themes.

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CSS Hero is the definitive WordPress plugin to easily customize the look of your site, with an easy and intuitive point and click interface. CSS Hero allows you to easily edit, preview and control how your site displays on desktop and handheld devices. Use standard breakpoints or your custom ones.

Font Styles and Typography – Add a touch of class with your own fonts, a huge collection of Google Fonts is at your fingertips. TypeKit fonts are supported as well.

Color management – Use a color picker to experiment live color and background changes like never before. Hero also stores your latest used colors, and helps building a consistent color palette.

Adjust Measures – Easily tune element margins and paddings: just drag a slider and view what happens.

Complex CSS made simple – Spice up your site elements: building gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and all the modern CSS properties is now a point and click affair.


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